The management of its bankroll for sports betting

The management of its bankroll for sports betting

The world of sports betting is an exciting world, but it can quickly turn out to be a nebulous one for an unprepared player. 

The choice of the site: finding the best bonus

There are many platforms on which to place sports bets. Not all of them have the same advantages and options. So, before you start filling out the registration form, please consider the conditions of entry to the site.

The vast majority of sites offer bonuses for signing up. Bonuses can vary from simple to double, both in value and in payment terms.

Here are the main offers generally available on the market:

  • Bonuses in euros: the site offers you a sum of money so that you can start betting as soon as you register. Please note that depending on the site, this sum must be wagered a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. This formula allows you to familiarise yourself with sports betting and to start betting without the risk of losing.
  • Reimbursement of the first bet if it loses: this formula allows you to place your first bet without risk. If it loses, the platform will refund your bet. Attention, in most cases, the offer does not concern the first losing bet but the very first bet placed on the site. In short, if it is the second bet placed on the site that loses, you will not be eligible for the promotional offer.
  • A payout proportional to the first deposit: this bonus can, under certain conditions, allow you to recover up to 100% of the initial amount deposited. Example: if you pay 100 euros, the site will top up your player account by 100 euros (20 euros if the offer is set at 20%…).

In order to place your first bets without fear and without losing money, take the time to study which offer is the most advantageous before registering on a site.

The odds

Another important point to check before registering on a site: compare the level of the ratings. If the ratings are generally close from one platform to another, it is still interesting to check the usual trend.

Indeed, a site that offers better odds is, for a player, more profitable. If the difference is marginal for small bets, the sums at stake can be greater when the bets are large.

For example, a difference of 0.1 points (odds of 1.1 and odds of 1.2) makes it possible to win 0.10 euros for a bet of 1 euro, compared to 10 euros for a bet of 100 euros.

These differences, repeated over the total number of bets, can ultimately pay off for a bettor.

Avoid following the net’s promises of huge winnings and bet wisely.

Many commercial sites offer magic formulas to win “surefire” large sums of money thanks to sports betting sites. It is obvious that if these techniques were reliable and flawless, the betting companies would all be in deficit. Sports betting, although based on trends (a favourite team has a better chance of winning than an outsider), is also based on chance. Therefore, it is important to place bets in a reasoned way, assessing the risks and betting amounts that are not too high.

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