Slot machine tricks

Slot machine tricks

How to manipulate slot machines

Finding slot machine tricks is a difficult task. Because most of them are unfortunately not serious (reputable online casinos). And others are not very helpful. We at Casino Professor have investigated for you. And interestingly enough, he actually found a few interesting tricks for slot machines. And they are scientifically sound! With these slot machine tricks, you won’t necessarily hit the jackpot right away. But they will certainly increase the probability of winning in online casinos.

Read in this article how you can improve your chance at the slot machines with high probability and even manipulate the slot machine. You are guaranteed to be surprised.

Manipulate slot machines with your mind?

Let’s leave the world of slot machines and online casinos for a moment. And let’s enter the world of science. Because interestingly enough, some pretty interesting experiments have been conducted here that could also be of interest to casino players. We’ll just say: the power of thought.

Slot machine tricks

Random number generator manipulated by chicks

Chicks have the instinct to regard the first thing they see as their mother. Researcher René Peoch then did an experiment in which he made the chicks believe that a roving robot, whose movements were controlled by a random number generator, was their mother. Interestingly, the robot suddenly started spending more time around the chicks. This was despite the fact that its movements were supposed to be determined by chance alone.But Peoch went even further. He conducted the same experiment with rabbits. Here, the rabbits were initially afraid of the robot. This caused the robot to tend to stay away from the rabbits during this time. However, when the rabbits got used to the robot after some time, the robot suddenly spent more time around them. So had the chicks’ desire for their mother to be around influenced the random number generator? And the rabbits’ fear caused the random number generator to keep the robot away from them?

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