Manipulating slot machines with a mobile phone – a myth?

Manipulating slot machines with a mobile phone – a myth?

There are some websites that claim that certain slot machines can be manipulated with a mobile phone app. The fact that many casinos and casinos strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones is often cited as an indication of this.

The reason for this, according to these websites, is of course that you can manipulate the slot machine with a mobile phone. However, this is wrong. And its origin lies in the fact that it was actually once possible to use a software gap in Merkur slot machines to make them spit out all the money. This software error was used by a gang of criminals.

About the manipulation of the slot machines

The manipulation of the slot machines took place nationwide on the same day. And all the slot machines were looted virtually simultaneously on one day in February 2014. Since then, of course, double emphasis has been placed on ensuring that such functions are not present. Moreover, the security flaw would also have been closed quickly if it had come to light through small-scale cheating. However, those who had taken advantage of the software flaw proceeded in a concentrated manner. All on the same evening. So it was impossible for Merkur to notice the manipulation of the slot machines and react in time. And the crooks did not use a mobile phone either, but far more sophisticated methods.

So the slot machine trick with the mobile phone is unfortunately a myth. If slot machines could really be manipulated with a mobile phone, casinos and gambling houses would have gone bankrupt long ago.

Strict ban on mobile phones because of slot machine tricks?

Why you are not allowed to use mobile phones in many gambling halls is much simpler. Because the real reason is that mobile phones can be used to take pictures. And many gamblers are very reluctant to be photographed while gambling.

After all, gambling in casinos is still strongly stigmatised. In addition, mobile phones with photo and video functions can be used to count cards or to discuss with accomplices at table games, which again the casinos do not like. However, this has nothing whatsoever to do with manipulating slot machines or slot machine tricks.

So beware of such offers, as you will probably spend a lot of money on such an app. And still not win, because you will not be able to manipulate the slot machine with your mobile phone. Every slot machine manufacturer has its slot machines put through their paces before they enter casinos.

And of course the aim of such checks is also to ensure that players cannot manipulate the game outcomes. Otherwise, every manufacturer would go bankrupt after a few months. And of course the manufacturers of slot machines have decades of experience to rule out such fraud. Because manufacturers also make sure that slot machine tricks do not work.

Nevertheless, there are scientifically proven methods to manipulate slot machines at least a little. But first, let’s take a look at another myth.

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